Calling all Queer Baristas!

[Updated Post: we’ve recommitted to highlighting LGBTQ+ people in the coffee industry, so please comment below and we’ll reach out!]

Queers and coffee go together like rainbows and unicorns. And we know there are tons of queer baristas doing amazing work behind the counter and in their community. We want to hear from them!

Do you know of a queer barista who should be highlighted for how awesome they are? Then, by all means, put some comments below this post and tell your favorite LGBTQ+ caffeine slinger that they make your day. (Please, though, make sure you have the permission of said barista and/or you know they are out. If not, you can still share the love using a fictional name and location.)

Are YOU an LGBTQ+ barista who geeks out about lattes, pour overs, or intersectional politics? If so, we want to hear from you! Post your comments below too, telling us more about your coffee/queer involvement, and we may select you for an interview on our blog. Please keep in mind, though: we’re a teeny, tiny company, so we may not be able to respond to everyone right away.

Please share this post with any coffee queers you know. We want to show some love to the folks standing at the intersections of gender, sexual orientation, and coffee – three of our favorite things!


4 thoughts on “Calling all Queer Baristas!”

  1. I’m a queer Barista at Capitol Grounds 🙂 when I heard you guys were starting this Queer coffee line, I was super excited! I love that you partnered with our Roastery to create a unique blend for our unique community. I love getting to create beautiful and delicious beverages for ANY community members to enjoy. Thanks for helping make the coffee world even better and even more diverse! -Jess Brodeur of Capitol Grounds Cafe Montpelier VT

    1. Thanks, Jess! We’d love to talk to you more. Check your email soon! 🙂

  2. I’m a trans barista currently living in Maryland and working with a roaster out here. I’ve worked with specialty coffee in Fairbanks, Alaska and with Ahimsa Caravan Cafe at Coachella, and helped start a shop in Antigua Guatemala.

    What you’re doing is rad!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Hey, sounds like you’ve been around the coffee scene a while – would love to chat more, so I’ll try to get in touch soon!

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